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Mike Matulonis
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Re: Pectoral rupture

Hey Stephen how's the recovery going? I am in my second week of pt and things are going ok. Feel really good on a day to day basis then I go to pt and realize that I have a long way to go to getting full range of motion. The pec. muscle is very, very tight. Still cannot lie flat in a bed because the laberal tear was in the back and it puts to much pressure on my shoulder.

Started back hitting the gym this week real light mainly only doing some leg work, back extentions, one kb swings etc. felt ok but am really looking forward to squating, deadlifting, and pressing again. I am trying to be smart about this and really take my time.

Hope your recovery is going well and let me know what stage you are at now since you are a few weeks ahead of me. Can you do a pushup yet?
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