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What the German and local collaborator guards at concentration camps did, what the SS did, what the Wehrmacht did, what the Luftwaffe did, they did under orders from their superiors. These superiors were members of, or collaborators with, a facist state run by the National Socialist Party. Within that context, what they did was perfectly legal...that is to say, in accordance with the laws (military and social) and stated policies of the state of which they were a part.

The reason that the Nuremberg trials were held was because German was defeated and declared surrender. Had they not been defeated by the Allies, the trials never would have been held and our world would look vastly different today...a prospect which, to me at least, is more than just a tad horrifying.

Soldiers, IMO, NEED to have political opinions, especially in states where the population at large has the right to vote. Becoming a soldier, for whatever reason you do so, does not remove your rights and obligations as citizens. It may, in fact heighten them. However, having political opinions (and expressing them by voting, etc) does not mean that soldiers should express their opinions WITH the military....a look at history, both recent and ancient, shows how well this works in the long term, for both the military and the population at large.

PHEW!! Sorry about that...Hope this has kept it on the correct side of this oh-so-fine line!

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