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"Of course we need to make a distinction between "lawful/unlawful" and "moral/immoral." All the Nazi soldiers were being perfectly lawful when they shoved Jews into furnaces."

{Trying to keep this on the right side of the line.} Actually, no, the German concentration camp guards and SS personnel (as opposed to the Wehrmacht -- the German army) were not being "perfectly lawful." That's what the Nuremburg trials were about. There are continuing prosecutions even today when such individuals are found. "I was just following orders" is not an acceptable defense.

International law is a tricky subject, and unevenly enforced, but it does exist. Sadly, there are normally not enough resources to prosecute all who deserve it, so usually only those at or near the top are tried, but that does not make acts of genocide or other war crimes "lawful," regardless of what the laws of a particular state actor might provide.
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