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Went to the doctor today. He said it's definitely my kneecap not tracking right which can happen if I expose myself to strenuous exercise that I'm not used to.

When I told him I ran hard for 3-4 days in a row on bumpy surfaces he said that the force and new angles my muscles were being hit at could easily cause this. He also said that my right leg is on the verge of developing the same thing if I don't pay attention. (It's probably because it's stronger that it didn't develop the sympots straight away).

He gave me a couple of exercises to follow 2-3 times everyday to strengthen the fascea (chk sp?) at the end of my quads.

#1. Lying down, extend my leg straight to above a 45 degree angle and lower it in 4 controlled steps until it touches the ground then repeat.

#2. Lying down, extend my legslightly bent to a 30-35 degree angle and straighten it until it locks, then repeat.

I 'll have some X-rays next week...Keeping my fingers crossed that this will go away...Thanks a lot for your help guys!!
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