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Re: Jason's Workout Log

There was a short week right after week 4 for a couple reasons. We had a lot of family commitments that last week before Xmas and we headed out on a family holiday, so we did a couple of testers which I haven't done in years

A. Snatch, work to a moderate single for the day - 72kg
B. Clean and Jerk, work to a moderate single for the day - 90kg
C. Weighted Strict Pronated Chest to Bar, work to a max - 28kg
D. 30 Ring Muscle-ups for time - 5:50 PR, went 6, then 3’s to 27 every 40s, then 2/1
E. 10 min EZ:
2:30 min Rowing
2:30 min AirBike

For time:
100 Step Down Box Jumps @ 30”
100 KBS @ 32kg
100 Burpees - no jump at top
100 Thrusters @ 65lbs
—34 min last time we tester this…probably 3-4 years ago! 29:40, last time we did this was August 2013, over four years ago, right when I first started with you. The goal was sub 30:00

I will not lie, I was really emotional after PR ing my MU tester, it has been a long time coming. My right shoulders will never likely be 100% again ever so this is huge. The last one was a mental grind and I just stuck with it, I am really happy about that. My legs were sore for a couple days afterwards but I didn't care at all.
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