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Re: Best barbell for box use?

Originally Posted by Jeremy Schultz View Post
Question (maybe this is a stupid question and I'm just missing something):

Why does Fringesport have the Wonder Bar available with for $219 with bearings, but their fancy "Vaughn" bar for $400 is a bushing bar? Did I read that wrong?
Yeah, while $400 does seems like a good price for a "high end" bar, from a pure "stats" point of view, the Wonder bar does seem like a really good value. That said, I'm sure it's possible to make buttery smooth bushings and there are other aspects of bar (including materials, scale, etc) that can drive a price up. I've never lifted on a Vaughn bar but I would love to.

Steven, are you saying that the stats are similar or that they are from the same OEM w/ a different end cap? B/c I would say that the Wonder bar is the best value I've found in a bar. And so far it's held up perfectly fine to box use. Also the knurl is just about perfect which is always a concern of mine in looking for a barbell that I haven't tried yet.
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