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Re: Dealing With Pre-Existing Injuries and Chronic Pain

Sean and Alex,

Thanks for the replies!

I should have been clearer in my initial post.

I actually already know from various diagnoses and treatments (X-rays, MRIs, diagnosed labrum tear, shoulder surgery, physical therapy, diagnosed Degenerative Disk Disease) what the issues are.

My frustration came from the fact that, despite going through all my protocols to heal these issues, I was still limited.

I was sick of going around the constant circle of

1. Work out
2. Work out a little harder
3. Re-injure myself with a back spasm
4. Get a massage to soften the tissue
5. Go to a chiropractor to get realigned
6. Take some time off to let things heal and settle.
7. Go back to working out
8. Work out a little harder and reinjure myself
9. Go around the circle again.

It became obvious to me that I needed to retrain my body to be more stable and aligned. It seemed to me that my body should be self-reliant enough to perform healthy, functional movements without pain.

Thankfully through my research I found a method to retrain and strengthen these stabilizing muscles that has enabled me to CrossFit again without pain and re-occurring injury.

I was wondering, specifically in this realm of realignment and strengthening of stabilization muscles, if anyone has also used this technique and found success?
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