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Dealing With Pre-Existing Injuries and Chronic Pain

Looking for some help...

What types of injuries and pain have held you back from CrossFitting at the level you want to?

I’ve had shoulder pain, lower back pain, and overall feelings of instability. As an active and fairly strong military guy, it never seemed to make sense. As a result, I couldn’t perform nearly the full “spectrum” of CrossFit that I wanted to (and knew I could), such as olympic lifts and gymnastic moves. It made me feel extremely frustrated, knowing that I had the drive and discipline to excel with CrossFit but was limited by this pain. It was also disheartening to watch my friends continue to progress while I plateaued, and especially to miss the camaraderie when I had to take time off completely. There’s no substitute for the community of CrossFit or for the satisfaction that comes from achieving those performance breakthroughs.

Through years of searching for a solution, I found that compromised foundational stability and chronic pain--even pre-existing injuries--have to be dealt with through correcting fundamental alignment and movement.

What sustainable solutions have you found to deal with your pain or injuries?

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