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Re: Shoulder Pain/Injury


So got it checked out today. Not the shoulder (thank you!). All shoulder tests negative, his first thought was bicep attachment (that's a SLAP tear right?), but that was negative.

My pain is probably from the upper pectorals where they attach to the clavicle. His thought was some micro tears and I ****ed the area off, but didn't do any major damage. I probably ended up putting a lot of weight on that part of the muscle when my shoulders pulled forward out of good position. I was doing to much weight and lost form, this probably happened first with high rep Randy which irritated it and then I finished it off with the power cleans that were too heavy. My own fault and I should have known better.

His Rx: rest for 4-12 weeks, start back very slow with any movement around that area. Going straight overhead is OK, doing any exercises with internal/external rotation of the shoulder is fine.

My questions for you all: Front squats are probably out since they put weight on that area. Would back squats be OK? I'm looking just to maintain, not looking to push limits for a while.

Other types of exercises out: push ups, bunch press, power cleans/snatches
Are these out for a while?: burpees (if I worm them a bit??), wall balls?, kettle bell swings?, all of these??

I'm just trying to figure out what I might slowly work back into, I'm still going to rest the area for a few more weeks. Before I try any snatches or PC I am going to get more coaching, plenty to work on instead of those.
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