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Re: Shoulder Pain/Injury


Still resting the shoulder. Working on mobility WODs a lot (kind of obsessed with that at the moment), abs, jumping, and some running. Avoiding weighted front squats because of the shoulder involvement.

Appointment with my DO (osteopathic doctor for those not knowing that abbreviation) O this coming week, will update when I know anything. I still have had some occasional right neck "stiffness" and some occasional mild/diffuse pain in between the neck and humerus.

Hoping it's not the SLAP tear, I did have a doc do an O'Brien's test which was negative, but we didn't do a full exam. He did palpate all the muscles in the area and a couple of other movements of the shoulder and nothing really jumped out. This was a quick exam and wasn't really a full appointment.

Overall, just resting the shoulder/upper body, no day to day movement elicits pain, but I think if I started doing cleans I would feel it pretty fast...
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