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Shoulder Pain/Injury

Hello all,

So a couple of weeks ago I got a shoulder "strain" after doing Randy (75 snatches) and had some general shoulder pain (3/10) that started on the outside of the shoulder then drifted to the center of the shoulder and the side of the neck on 1 day. Full ROM the whole time, could make the pain get worse with shoulder shrugging. I rested and avoided any working out of the shoulder for 10-12 days or so, the pain was gone for 4-5 days or so before doing anything. I started out this last week going easy on the shoulder, not doing any exercises with the shoulder until a couple days ago. Did some strict pull-ups, push ups, and push presses towards the end of the week. Felt no pain, everything was good.

Today (Sunday), I did power cleans (3x5) and a WOD with some kettle bells. Pain has come back (mild so far) this afternoon behind and below the clavicle. If I shrug high, I can feel and hear something moving proximal to the humeral head.

So, couple of questions:
1. Time to check this out by a doctor. What muscle am I looking at here?
2. What type of arm exercises would still be safe?
3. Good references for shoulder rehab?
4. What kind of time frame could I be looking at?

Thanks everyone for the responses, I love the forum so far.
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