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Re: Why are the games in Imperial not Metric?

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
I dunno the reason behind being easier, but since crossfit is a global sport, I believe they are aiming at global markets. And everybody, but USA, uses metric.

So athletes that come to the games from non-USA land might have a bit of a hard time learning how to convert kilos to pounds and it would much more convenient to just use imperial.

But, at the moment, majority of the games athletes come from USA, which I believe will change if sports progresses and at that time, most likely a change like that might happen.

Most of new CF stars will likely come off a weightlifting background and they are already used of using kilos, if they ever competed in a WL event.
Why would they have to convert anything? It's not like they are told the what the weight are in kolos while being given pound weights to load. Plus 99% of the time the bars are preloaded. They just have to pick up the bar.
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