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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and no Håkan today.. he is taking the day offas his daughter has try outs. So its the wife and i so th eplan for today partner workout.

Warm up
3 min on the rower

while the other completes:
25/50 du/su's

jog 10 lengths of gym and then stretch

The we continued to warm up with what was to come and stretch in between.

Partner - Chipper just get the work done.

Buy in 50/100 du/su's on every round

Wall balls 9/4kgs
DB Cleans 9/22kgs
Ring Pulls
Sit ups

Buy out 50/100 du/su's on every round

This was a good burner and we kept a really good pace throughout.

Cool Down
Wife started to try her luck at T2B. Her high knees are really good and i told her just kick with your legs and you will be fine. She gave it a few tries but her kipp was a little short. The she does her first ½ T2B her right foot hit the bar but her left missed it my 1/4 of an inch so i gave her ½ a T2B . She was so happy.

I worked a little on HSPU technique, standing on my head and making sure only my heels are against the wall. Held this position for 15 seconds at a time. Also had to look at my kick up against the wall as i was using way to much energy, this was a lot better after a few repetitions.

Then a general stretch for 20minutes.

All in all a good week this week. Taking tomorrow off just the rest the body a little.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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