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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday morning and chilly outside -4 C... brrrr. So we are back in business todat as the wife is back . We were both looking forward to today and our friend Håkan is working out with us as well .

My legs were a little sore in places this morning otherwise feeling really good. Håkan was feeling it a little all over the place, little more in the legs, yet he is raring to go.

Plan for today - Conditioning/endurance

Warm up
The wife hit the treadmill for 10min to get going
Håkan and myself did a running warm up and jogged for 7-8min.

Then a general stretch for what was to come.

Conditioning/Endurance Row & Ski Erg. - For time

So the wife and Håkan did a shorter distance which also gave me something to chase.

750m Row
150m Ski erg
600m Row
300m Ski erg
450m Row
450m Ski erg
300m Row
600m Ski erg
150m Row
750m Ski erg

Total 4.5km
Wife 26:34
Håkan 25:56

1000m Row
200m Ski Erg
800m Row
400m Ski Erg
600m Row
600m Ski Erg
400m Row
800m Ski Erg
200m Row
1000m Ski Erg

Total 6km
Myself 29:00

This was a good workout and i was quite close to them. Pacing was important but i think i could take another 30 seconds off this if my transitions were a little faster. Håkan really enjoyed this too which is great.

Cool Down
1500m row nice and easy

Then a stretch for 20min

All in all a good day
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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