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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and feeling great, body is in good shape and i slep well. Wife was not in a good mood yesterday because she could not workout today and she had to go into the city again today.... so of course i rubbed this in last night and told her how much fun we were going to have today . Today it is our best friend and myself.

Our best friend was pleased with yesterday and really only felt it in his legs. He was very positive to what we did yesterday .

Plan for today - keep it simple

Warm up
1km on the rower, nice and easy anywhere between 4-5min pace is ok

Then a general stretch in preperation of what was to come.

keep it simple
This is the perfect to work on what i hate too.

EMOM until failure start @ 1 rep and increase by 1 rep EMOM.

Friend = Squat - 20kgs barbell
Myself = Thrusters - 43kgs/95lbs

Friend - 11 rounds completed = 66 reps
myself - 11+9 = 75 reps

My friend was really pleased with this and the progression making it harder he liked. The great thing was that after 4 or 5 rounds he started to get into it.

For myself i hate thrusters and they have always burned but today i way really pleased. My shoulders were on fire towards the end but just could not complete round 12, but i was close

KB Farmers Walk - racked
12 lengths of gym (240m)

Friend 8kg KBs
myself 20kgs/44lbs KBs

Resistance band bench press only the barbell, no weight is required.
5x15 reps increase tension after every 5 reps

This was the same as we did a week or so back. RB's on each side of the barbell and apply pulling pressure horizontally. This is all about lats, shoulders and tricep activation. Try to bench press and keep the form. With the tension you need to hold the position and pull the bar to your chest and the tension increases while at the same time you need to use your lats and shoulder to keep it all in place. Your pecs should not feel anything.

I added a picture to show this. Test it and see what you think.

Cool Down
A good stretch for 20min

All in all a good day
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