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Re: Loren Cordain on CBS Sunday Morning

Originally Posted by Brian Prochaska View Post
anyone else see Loren Cordain on CBA Sunday morning? It was a short blurb of a story about the Paleo diet, sandwiched between the mexican hot dog story, the mini-hamburger, the "comfort food" mac and cheese special, and the "pie for life" program where you get a pie every week as long as you "live," but there's a surcharge if you DON'T get ice cream with the pie. The pie is cooked by a clinically obese man who can hardly walk with obvious metabolic issues.

oh, and the episode started off with "americans who have too little to eat."


I saw it and the other stories. It was really short but it seemed that they explained it pretty well. I bet most people paid more attention to the hot dog story though. The story on Alton Brown was pretty interesting.
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