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Re: No CF Gyms Between Memphis, TN and Cookville?

Originally Posted by Greg Spaight View Post
Sounds like you have identified a need. Now go ahead and step into the gap.
Wish I could, but I'm no gym owner and for sure no trainer. I need a trainer. There are so many families just like mine that are into anything sport related, and this being the sport of fitness would hook some great long term clients. I know this isn't a large area, but in small rural towns like this, where football players are local stars, would do great. Mother's and Father's would pay for their kids to attend these classes to improve their kids field performance in other sports.

Cost of living is much less here than most other parts of the US, someone with the right business plan and knowledge could come in here and start a box and clean up.

I have a full plate, and already own and operate a business. I can daydream about owning a box, but in reality the only box I will ever own is my garage, and you have no idea how hard it is to schedule my own time around the kids practices and sports. But I do it, and I know others would too.

Just putting it out there.. TN could use some more locations that aren't centered around Rich Froning's hometown and Memphis.
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