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Rotator cuff sprain not improving...

This is my first real injury and think it occured during handstand practice where I sort of fell to my left side instead of rolling forward or falling straight down. Went to an Ortho and the sprain was his diagnosis (he also gave me 2 weeks of anti-inflammatories which did squat (no pun intended)). I've done zero overhead work for 4 weeks with zero improvement in my shoulder! It's very frustrating at this point and am looking for help as to what more I can be doing (aside from not working it out in wods) to help it along. I would say my pain is almost exactly the same, if not a little worse, than when it started.

I should admit, I still do some things that seem to slightly irritate it like pushups, squats, and some burpees here and there. Other exercises like deadlifts and kb swings seem to actually reduce pain and/or inflammation.

Doc also recommended coming back in two weeks for a cortizone injection if things aren't better...

Any suggestions would be great.
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