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Max Paleo Benefit

Ive been CF-ing and doing paleo for about 2 years now. Im trying to lean out just a little...maybe 3% more bodyfat and am at 11-13 now. Im unable to run/jump due to a torn ACL and knee damage. I can still CF (did elizabeth today in 6:30, as RX). I am at work all day and thus pack a lunch but my issue is what and how to pack. im not a "zone" guy but typically do -
2 hardboiled eggs, a yogurt, 4oz almonds, 2 diet sodas, 2 string cheese, 3 oz lean turkey, tuna and maybe a some almond butter/jelly torilla wraps.

I feel like im not eating enough but not really sure what else to have avaliable. Im not looking for recipes per se but ideas and solutions for people in a similar situation with pre-packing their days worth of food

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