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Re: Tight tight tight

Originally Posted by Shawn M Wilson View Post
So my hips lately have been very tight, as the title says, the last few months.

I have rolled and stretched, done mobility and tried to help with the tightness but man it just doesn't seem to be working...

It hasn't impacted my squat depth (hit 445x2, 455x1 today) but is killing my ability to drop into the snatch bottom and on cleans. I really have to force myself down and wider feet than I would like.

Anyone have any experience with this just "showing" up (yeah I'm 40 now) and what helped? I have contemplated massage therapy but it is really hard to find someone who can and will work that area over well.

I thought about the Arosti people but the few I know who have gone to them for other stuff haven't seemed like it did "wonders".

My main goal right now is to loosen up the hips (outside around the socket) so I can get a faster and better drive into my snatch and cleans. I have been chair sitting more than I want (working on trying to open a rock climbing gym in town). So I have been taking breaks and standing and stretching a little but to no avail.

Appreciate the help and guidance in what has worked for you all.

What you said makes a lot of sense--especially if you have been doing a lot of sitting throughout your life (like most of us), tight hip flexors and poor range of motion are going to result.

Stretching and mobility as mentioned above will certainly help, but think about this:

1) Considering how sedentary our lifestyles have become and how ingrained the muscle memory of stabilizer muscles is for most of us (or perhaps muscle atrophy is most accurate), it will take some work to reverse. But the body has an incredible ability to heal itself, so it can be done.
2) The body operates as a unit, as I'm sure you've heard many times. Just working mobility in your hips is like replacing a bald car tire worn from misalignment in the vehicle; it treats the symptom rather than the underlying alignment issue. We need to treat the body as a whole. Relaxing those psoas muscles will likely require addressing other areas like your pelvis, shoulders, and/or feet.

Do you have any other pain/imbalance in other joints, like hips, lower back, shoulders, or neck? I have dealt with the tight hips before, as well as shoulder and neck injuries, so I might be able to help out--especially if the stretches don't seem to have lasting effects. It's a matter of retraining stabilization muscles.

A video of you lifting, or profile + side views of your posture would be helpful. I can send you my e-mail address as well.

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