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Re: Patella femoral syndrome

Originally Posted by Joe Bernard View Post
Admittedly I've never actually done direct hamstring strength training for any significant period of time. I just started doing RDLs, negative GHRs, and lying leg curls only a few months ago. Each time I strained it I rested, stretched it once it was not feeling bad, and then resumed working out. The first PT didn't even tell me to do hamstring strengthening exercises, just to stretch it and warmup better before workouts. The second one had me do some lying leg curls but that's it. The one I recently saw told me to start doing RDLs and glute ham raises so that's what I've been doing as my knee has allowed me. So that's why I'm asking. I've also never attempted glute work like barbell hip thrusts and was wondering if he was prescribed them, I don't want to do an exercise that may potentially make my knee worse. I do need to do a better job of rehabbing it.
In all honesty, it's difficult to assess without every actually seeing you. My main point when we assess someone is, just because it's tight, doesn't mean anything. Just because something tests weak, does not mean it needs to be strengthened. Unfortunately, the human body is more complex than that.
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