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The "As Rx'd" WOD is 12 MUSCLE-UPS, 30 bact ext., and 400M run. If you can't do a muscle-up (I cannot) the sub is 3 or 4 pull-ups AND 3 or 4 dips for each muscle-up.

Tomorrow I will do this as follows:

36 Pull-ups
36 Dips (done in couplets of 3PU/3dips)
30 Back Ext.
400M (0.24 miles) on treadmill
3 rounds for time. NO REST BETWEEN ROUNDS. The goal is to complete the entire work-out in as little time as possible.

Now, having said that, and guessing that you are new to CF, it is mandatory that you scale this and all of your initial work-outs. This stuff is powerful and can be dangerous if you push it too hard as a newcomer. Check out and start with the puppy or the pack version, then work your way up over time to the full WOD. Safety is job 1 in the beginning.

Welcome aboard. Fasten your seat belt.
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