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George, firstly welcome to CrossFit. You should be looking forward to a fun ride!!

Whenever you need to scale a workout for either ability or equipment you can do no better than going to the BrandX site run by Jeff and Mikki Martin. They post 3 -4 scaled versions of each WOD. The family safe, work safe link is here:

Also, check the FAQ here at

Here you will find answers not only on scaling but many other questions that you have not thought of yet. Definitely worth a thorough read soon and check back every now and again as Lynne is forever updating it.

To get you moving, I would suggest the following as a starting point for you.

Three rounds for time:
18 Pull ups
18 Ring Dips
20 Back extensions
Run 400 meters

As you don't have access to rings, for today do normal bar dips. But look towards buying a set of rings for yourself. They are relatively cheap and you can use them anywhere.

So far as running, either use a treadmill, go and run outside and race back in or sub 1 500m row for each run. One way or another, the run should be the easiest thing to sort out.

You will see in the WOD prescription that it says to do three rounds for time. This means you should complete the workout in as short a time as possible - so take the minimum rest you need to keep moving. In an ideal world you would complete the workout unbroken, but most of us here are human so just keep the rest breaks short;)

Hope this helps.

Cheers, kempie
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