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Re: sleep apnea?

Originally Posted by Frank E Morel View Post
snoring is not sleep apnea.. its only a sign of it. You maybe have stopped making noise, but not the obstruction that is occuring in the back of the throat. Having you seen whether or not your oxygen level remains normal with the sling? Otherwise your brain is oxygen deficient during sleep.
Didn't say it was.
Indicators that I had apnea are gone. Wife says she no longer hears me stop breathing. Blood pressure has dropped. I sleep shorter and am more rested. I no longer awaken with a snort. I'm not going to have another sleep study to confirm. It cost me alot the first time.

And for anyone considering surgery for the obstruction - my doc told me it is rarely effective. Like 10% or something.And it's very painful. You will do much better to lose some weight. Even 5 - 10 lbs can make a difference.
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