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Re: Beer and Burpees

Our annual St. Patty's day WOD is:
Complete for time:

17 Push-ups
17 Dips
17 Knees to Elbows
17 Box Jumps
17 Pull-Ups
17 Thrusters (M=95#)(W=65#)
17 SDHP (M=95#)(W=65#)
17 Squats
17 Sit-ups
17 Ball Wall Shots
17 Double Unders
17 Power Lunges
17 Calorie Row
17 Figure 8 Med.Ball Leg Passes
17 KB Swings (M=55#)(W=35#)
17 Tuck Jumps
17 Shuttle Runs at 50ft

Last year was a killer! We usually all go out for a beer or two afterwards. Not too many though because we all know our Coach has something real dangerous for us the next day.
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