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Snatch and c&j coaching

So I competed in a mock Olympic lifting meet at our box as we started to look at getting judging down for some that are part of the accreditation approved ones and here are my six lifts

Thoughts on them. I know I bend my arms early on the snatch and need to drop lower but would also love any other things you all see. 200lbs, 40 years old.

Hit 2 PRs 205 in snatch (was red lifted because of slight elbow flex on right arm) and 265 on clean & jerk (highest in over a year since I busted wrist on a bad 255 lift)

All links wfs 225 c&j 265 c&j (final lift, 245 vid keeps erroring) 175 snatch 195 snatch 205 snatch

Overall I had fun and there is another comp like this at another local box next month I'll go and compete in for fun again.

And yes I did smack the 265 bar into my chin. Staggered me but kept it up. Wasn't expecting to get it that high or fast.

My Sinclair score was 240.4
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