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Zachary - look at this link as the starting place for diet:

As to excercise, follow the WODs (the work out of the day listed on the main page). You probably won't be able to get through them at first. Scale them back to push yourself as hard as you can without burning out. Your capacity will improve very quickly.

It took me about a month of following the program to be able to get through a session. You may have it easier - I was 44 and pretty thoroughly deconditioned - no real exercise in a couple years. If you're younger and prettier than me, you may get results a bit faster.

Pay attention to the dietary suggestions and you'll get there. For reference, I've take 4 inches off my waist in the last 5 months living with those changes.

Don't think about trying to lose weight in particular spots; that isn't how it works.

If you're like most folks, the midsection is the last to go. Fat loss seems to start at the ends (face and neck / legs) and work toward the middle.
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