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Re: E's Workout Journal

August 5, 2015

Crossfit RX


Bench Press: 20 Rep Max
115 x 20
125 x 18

On the minute for 15 minutes
Minute 1: Romanian Deadlifts x 8 (I chose 155 lbs.)
Minute 2: 60 second plank
Minute 3: 40 DUs (substituted attempts)

60 DB side bends-30 per side (I chose a 25 lb. dumbbell)
60 V-ups
60 Flutter Kicks

Notes: Frustrated to miss yesterday's workout. Should have attempted 125, possibly 130, on the bench first. Feel sure I would have gotten 20 reps. Deadlift weight was not difficult. I thought it would start to be more difficult at the sets went along, but it was more than manageable. Planks felt good. Got several reps of two DUs in a row. Jump rope on order from Rogue. Excited to practice outside of my affiliate once the jump rope arrives.

Overall, getting a little conservative with the weights on the big lifts: bench, deadlifts, etc. Will try to push it a bit more from here on out.
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