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First of all i just want to show of my new box and to say thankyou to Krista for the link and Lincoln for the original post. My friend did a awesome job, well i think anyway, especailly seeing i left the intructions at home and he had to make it from a picture i scribbled for him. Thanks John you are a genius.
Secondly i was talking to one of the guys at BJJ about kettlebells and he recons he could make me some using the steel mill ball they use in the mines. The factory that makes them ( the grinding balls, not kettle bells) is just behind his work and he can get me some 8kg and 12kg balls easy, and will weld handles onto them for me.
My question is has anyone ever done this before? And what would be the best thickness/ size (height/length) for the handles?

Also the same friend was able to get me about 10-15kg worth of rubber (plus the orange stuff for the top of the box :-) ) so i am going to try and workout how i can make a medicine ball out of it.
Any suggestions?
I was thinking either cut it into pellets and stuff an exsisting ball, cut it into strips and wrap it up like a ball of string or cut it into circles of varing size and glue it like you would laminating wood, than cover it?
What to you guys and girls think?

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