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Dale wow you made me :crybaby0: but you also gave put a fire under my butt for the evening...I was having a little trouble today well most of my day and then I read your posting and well it reminded me of some fond memories of kids I use to help with olympics that had spina bifida (long time ago) I needed it so I thank you:bowdown:.......I did get the zone book ...I eat very similar to the plan, you just wouldnt believe it by the end result via meds:-( but I cant wait to get into CF hardcore....I dont think I am going to be able to buy a c2 rowing machine anytime soon and since I am on hold for running yet not sure how I am going to jumpstart the cardio just yet, but I shall continue to do what wod's I am allowed to do....Thanks again glad you like my avatar :msn-wink:
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