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Do you have access to a C2? Your current state of being makes rowing your best bet for now. I am on a rowing kick for 2007 and am rowing every day. I'm at a quarter million meters so far on my way to at least 1,600,000 meters so I can say I rowed 1,000 miles this year. Rowing uses a lot of muscle mass and you can do it...or should be able to do it with your messed up ankle. If you don't have one put it on your short list and try to put one in your house.

Do you have access to excited training partners? If not, get some. Gather friends with similar goals and work out a schedule that you will each hold the other to so that you remain consistant with your training goals.

What are your goals? Getting the body back that you had in your avatar (I can only guess that you are unhappy with additions to that frame as no one in their right mind would complain about that physique) is probably among them so print that picture out and stick it to your fridge or someplace else where you see it all the time. We are what we think about all the time and you need to look at what you have been and become that again.

Work on your diet and fuel yourself as if you were a nitro fuel buring funny car not a farm tractor. Dial in your Zone eating and consider food fuel instead of as a reward, pleasure factory or entertainment source. Write down what you eat, everything you eat so you can monitor what you are putting in your funny car.

You are on the right track, in the right place and seeking help from the right people. No better support group than this board and no better collection of helpful minds. Make some loft goals and stay the course girl, there's a Nicole hiding under whatever winter coat you put on. Go find her.
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