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Robbie Cuthbert
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Re: Robbie's Workout Log

15/7/13 - Rest Day

16/7/13 AM Session

Running session:
4x4min on 2 mins off
1. 4mins @ 14.5kph, 2 mins @ 9kph
2. 4mins @ 14.5kph, 2 mins @ 9kph
3. 2 mins @ 13.5kph, 2mins @ 14.5kph, 2mins @ 9kph
4. 1min @ 13, 1min @ 13.5kph, 1min @ 14, 1min @ 16kph, 2mins at 9kph

Knee was k-taped up and felt ok, felt sick hitting the last set though so started slower and built it up. 1st Pre-season game this sat, still need more running done

PM Session
Build up to a 1rm on:1 Deadlift + 1 Low hang snatch (just off floor)
60, 65, 70, 75, 80kg/176lbs, 85f, 85f, 85kgf the first 2 fails i throw it over the top. My coach then told me to reach up more on pull...done this but then never dropped under quick enough and the bar smacked striaght off my head!!! still sore today!!

Build up to a 3rm OH Squat70, 80, 90 100f, 100f

Have done 100kg before but not today!!

Mucked about with some press ups and HSPU.

Then 4 set of 10 DB Snacth @ 32.5kg/72lbs - not for time just mucking about it
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