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Full Labral Tear


Have a question for some experienced and/or certified Crossfitters. Back in March 2008 I was in an 8 hour Krav Maga seminar. Basically I did something stupid and doing a poor elbow strike injured my shoulder. Ended up with a full Labral tear. 3 months after my second surgery I'm in physical therapy with only passive range of motion. I have improved a lot and I believe will get better. Here is my problem:

1. I have minimal strength in the arm and currently 130 degrees of flexion and 100 degrees of abduction.

Mainly I need to know if anyone is familiar with a good stretching program for a wounded semi-athlete. Essentially I'm looking to improve the above outside of physical therapy without risk to the joint.

Is anyone familiar with a website or book (or even experience) that deals with this sort of problem? I'm a Physican Assistant so I have a fair amount of knowledge in the medical realm and I know that having patience is key here but I believe that I can do some things to improve the situation. Just haven't found much information for someone who wants to elevate to a Crossfit level.

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