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Garage Gym! Advice sought..

While I belong to a local box that I love, I have put together a nice little space primarily for lifting. I definitely want to be able to drill olympic lifts there. I picked up an awesome power rack on craiglist, and right now it's on 4 4x6 stall mats. The garage is graded towards the front and barbells on the ground tend to roll making it a pain.

1. If I keep the stall mats, what have you all done to deal with the grading in your garages? I'm not much of a contractor, but I imagine some sand leveled out would work for under the stall mats.

2. I am considering building an 8x8 lifting platform for in front of the rack. If I do that, how have any of you leveled the platform to deal with the grading?

3. My garage has an electric opener overhead unfortunately right in the area that I would want the platform to be. How tall is the standard homemade platform? I don't think the barbell after a jerk is going to be high enough to hit the opener, but I'd like to be sure before building it.

edit: Just measured and the bottom of the garage opener is 7'3" from the floor. I'm 5'9" My forearm is 12" long, so it seems I would have about 6" of room above the barbell while standing on the floor with the bar over head with my feet on the floor.

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