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Re: Diet to lose weight and gain power?

I eat tons of eggs, tuna, salmon, beef, bacon and chicken, green smoothies, little dairy in the form of cheese and butter, some fruit, peanut butter and almonds (restricted but occasional), veggies (no potatoes or corn). When I try to add carbs I eat more fruit and some sweet potatoes, and rarely a bread product. I have not calorie counted in a long time, but I doubt its very low (read peanut butter...) I struggle with food cravings and snacking which is why I had so much weight to lose in the first place (that and 6 babies!)

I don't want to lose weight, just belly fat. I really don't care about the scale numbers, except that they are confirming what I see around my middle. I hate being skinny everywhere except my big belly Also, I have tiny bones which is why my weight is low, but my fat is high.
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