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Diet to lose weight and gain power?

I would love some advice on my diet! I have worked REALLY hard this past year to lose 30lb by calorie restriction/low carb and I have been doing CF since this past Christmas. My problem now is that it seems that in order to make strength gains, I have to eat more calories and carbs, but I am gaining back weight. And not muscle- belly fat! It seems that I all the advice I read is to eat more if you are feeling weak and not seeing gains, but I do not want to gain back the weight. I really notice weakness and poor WODs when I restrict calories and carbs, but then when I up them I gain weight.

My stats: f/36/5'8" 126lb, 27% bf (according to a calculator given here that measures all the body) I do the main site WOD schedule, but I can't rx any of the weight. I have been as low as 122lb, and gone up recently to 128.

I eat very good (and I know what this means), have tried IF but that led to binging, and I am currently following LG protocol. Every pound I lost was HARD and it took about 2 weeks to lose each pound, even with 6 days of hard training a week. I am not someone who can "just do the WOD and the pounds will melt off eventually..." I eat plenty of protein and take take BCAA.

Any advice would be great! I have spent HOURS and HOURS reading everything I can find and it seems that everyone would agree that I need to eat more to avoid the weakness and make strength gains, but every time I do, the weight goes up. I have not maintained this weight very long, so I am afraid to see any extra fat around the middle (where I carry all the weight). I am thin everywhere else, but my middle is way out of proportion!
Thanks so much to anyone who replies!
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