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Liz's log

Hi, I am new to Crossfit and loving every minute of it!

Shoulder press 1-1-1 65lbs
Dead lift 1-1-1 135lbs
Back squat 1-1-1 135 lbs

I was scared to actually max because I was working out alone and still unsure of the movements. Such fun

Tried assisted pull-ups to see how low I could drop the weight. I got down to 30lb assist.

Closed with a 5 mins met-con of 10 squat thrusts and 15 16lbs kettleball swings.

Besides getting stronger, I want to cut down on the sugar in my diet. I see that the main site is all about no sugar. Coming from a place of two deserts a day, no sugar seems ridiculous. So I've been eating plain yogurt and eating dessert on the weekends. Also, I haven't joined a Crossfit gym yet. I'm still working it in a giant box gym. It's hard for me to part with the independence and flexibility of training on my own and I am too cheap to pay for both. But I do drop in occationally to the Philly Center City Crossfit gym for coaching.
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