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Re: Shipping Costs

I can only speak for Christian's Fitness Factory, but we have calculated in most cases to the penny what it costs to ship an item. Many people think if you are adding items to an order the shipping gets cheaper and this is not the case. Case in point is kettlebells. Each kettlebell has to be shipped in a seperate box to protect from damage. We don't get a break to ship UPS ground until we go over 200 lbs. and 250 lbs if it is going residential. In addition if you order a 70 lb kettlebell you incur a "heavy package" surcharge. If you order enough stuff to ship freight sometimes its cheaper, but then you have to factor in that they are going to drop it at the curb and you are responsible to get it off the truck and you will have to pay additional to have a lift gate on the truck. I can tell you right now, that we do not make money on shipping. Period. In fact in many cases we eat shipping costs. I can tell you right now that what you are buying costs MuscleDriver more then 24 dollars to ship to you. Depending on where you live compared to their location the plyo alone probably cost more then that. So how do they do it? Probably build shipping costs into the cost of the item. They also might be getting better volume rates then some of the smaller dealers. Either way you are paying the shipping. We have just chosen to be up front and show you actual shipping costs and actual product costs.

I hope that makes some sense. Oh and if you call we are more then happy to check if we can get a better rate for you.

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