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Shipping Costs

So someone can tell me if I'm crazy but...

I've noticed that most vendors commonly recommended on here (rogue, garage gym, again faster, wright, Christian's etc.) have set shipping costs for each item. Say a bar costs $200, shipping for that bar is $20 bucks, and it doesn't matter what else you group together with it. Say you buy a plyo box that costs $100 with $10 shipping. All that together is $330; i.e. you get no discount for buying the two items together.

One vendor doesn't do it this way. Muscle Driver USA shipping charges only go up slightly when you add more items. So if you buy that bar and plyo together, the total shipping cost may only be $22 or $25 or whatever.

Has anyone else noticed this/gotten better deals by contacting vendors directly? Seems to me that I'm going to buy 4-5 items from Muscle Driver and save compared to getting 1s and 2s from several other vendors separately.

For some real numbers I'm buying an AbMat, 100lb sandbag set, 20" plyo steel box, some lifting straps, and a stud bar and with all that combined, the shipping comes out to only $24 dollars with FedEx Ground. If purchased separately the shipping would significantly exceed that.

Good deal...right? Anyone from Rogue, Garage Gym, other vendors, etc. feel free to comment if I'm misreading your shipping policies.
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