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Re: Proper Body Weight Gain?

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
A novice can gain 2lbs muscle per month, a 4+ years trainee can only gain 2-3lbs per YEAR.

Adjust your calorie intake so you only gain muscle and not fat, how much is that intake? Trial and error as every person is different.

Set a daily calorie intake and measure each week, if you see increases based on upper numbers then you've hit a sweet spot, otherwise adjust.
Just a note, that is 4+ years of PROPER training, just hitting the weights for four years with a crappy plan is way different that a proper training regimen.

I agree with the rest with the exception that you will put on some fat when you put on muscle but if you work at it slower you should put on less fat. Also, OP, don't worry so much about what you eat, you will be getting plenty of protein if you are eating enough to gain weight, I would say a protein shake isn't really even necessary but you can still drink one of you want.
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