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Re: Proper Body Weight Gain?

Okay right on. Yeah, I definitely notice a change when I don't eat AT LEAST 2800 calories, I'm tired and hungry throughout the day. But, if I eat around 3000 to maybe 3500 I notice a change in energy levels. I think that's my zone of gaining muscle and no fat loss. I'm already pretty lean, so I don't notice a whole lot of fat gain (I guess that can be a good thing) but I have notice muscle gain for sure. I assume anything above 3500-4000 calories for myself would be muscle and fat gain. It's kind of difficult for me to get up to that level just because I'm literally constantly eating all day. I'm eating lots of high calorie food and sometimes not the greatest stuff like pb+j's lol. But there's days where I'm almost forcing the food down to be able to get to that point. I guess what matters is that I am noticing a lot of strength gains and noticeable muscle gains. I just want to be sure that I'm properly dieting and not starving or over loading my body with food. What are some good foods you guys like to eat? Should I try and venture into other supplements other than protein?
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