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Re: Proper Body Weight Gain?

Sounds like you are progressing in the weight gain but what kind of weight are you gaining? Muscle? Fat? Some of both?

Finding that right point with your intake compared to your output will take time but if you log it and monitor your growth you can help pinpoint where you need to be.

When I was die hard like you seem to be I found that a 300-500 calorie difference each way every day could mean the difference between muscle gain and fat loss, muscle gain and no fat loss or gain, and muscle and fat gain.

300x7 = 2100 and 500x7 = 3500.

So at 3000 calories I gained muscle and lost fat. At 3300 I gained muscle and stayed the same on fat. At 3600+ calories I gained both. Below 3000 I didn't gain muscle as well and felt tired and fatigued (not enough calories). It took months to find this out through the gradual changes in my diet and constant workout routine.
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