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Re: Prowler/ Strengthsled sled training

I use the prowler/sled in 4 basic applications.

1.) As a conditioning tool on its own. Somewhere between 6-12 drags/pushes up to 60 yards with various weights. Sometimes I'll pair it with an exercise between laps--burpees, front squats, swings.

2.) As a substitute when I do a WOD that has running/swimming and sometimes rowing and I'm training at night. My neighborhood has too many curves and is dark. Not worth getting hit by a car. So I'll use the prowler in my driveway. Usually, I choose a weight and distance that would be close to the time domain of the run used in a WOD.

3.) As a recovery tool/light cardio. More dragging or pushing the sprinting with it. Somewhere between 5-30 minutes. Often I'll do some upperbody moves with the sled (tri ext, presses, rows, ext rotations).

4.) As a finisher after a strength workout. Similar to #1, but usually on the shorter end.

Keep in mind if you add the Prowler sled to make sure you counterbalance your overall workload. So if you are doing 3 metcons a week don't add 2 prowler sesssions on top of that
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