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Re: Jon's Journal

This week started off pretty much the same with my knee, but by Wednesday my knee actually didn't seem swollen that night. It wasn't swollen Thursday night either, but was a little Friday night, I think mainly because I had to load and unload some supplies. I've taken it easy today and it seems to be doing well.

I've still been sort of down because of my knee, which I realize is lame of me to be thinking like that. I've only worked out a couple of times this week and now I feel like I'm getting a cold. Hopefully I can fight it off and be better the first of the week. I have just over a week before I go back to the ortho so I'm hoping by then my knee will be in good enough shape that she'll release me.

On a side note I really considering going back to martial arts class. I still miss it alot and I really need something to focus on. Lately I feeling rather lost.
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