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What you need to know about knee pain

Hey guys,

I'm a crossfit athlete, coach and am finishing up my doctorate in physical therapy.

I love crossfit, but if its not done properly it can cause some injury. I started up a website to help crossfit and strength athletes troubleshoot their pain and help with injury prevention. I recently finished up an article series about knee pain. I made a few videos explaining knee, hip and foot movement and added some practical exercises to help prevent knee pain. I put the links below, Check it out!
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If you enjoyed the articles or have anything to add or suggestions let me know. I love this sport and think one of the only complaints about crossfit is the risk of injury if done poorly. I really think if we spread some knowledge it can go a long way in making the sport safer.

Thanks Guys,
Dan Pope
Physical Therapist, Coach, Athlete - My website: Injury Prevention Info so you can continue to enjoy crossfit pain free
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