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Re: Why do you like Krav Maga?

For the same reason it's good for beginners it's also good for women and littler guys - it trains a trigger response in the practitioner to deliver an instantaneous, overwhelming response to threat of (or actual) violence. The techniques are very fluid and usually targeted at soft spots/mucus membranes which all in all makes it a very difficult system to defend against and an easy system to trust. As with all fighting arts, it pays to put in the practice, however, having also studied muay thai, wing chun and taijiquan, I found KM techniques tend to commit themselves to memory a hell of a lot faster than anything else.

With regards Blauer's PDR, I haven't really bothered to investigate this much as I figured it was just another CQC system. However, the concept of addressing the gap between ambush and fight-readiness really appeals...
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