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Re: To scale or not to scale..that is the question

We have recently posted this on our website, and one of our whiteboards, after we had minor issues with 3 members.

You all know that we have a great time at CFSC, but sometimes I feel like I need to be the “principal” of the awesome “school” of fitness to make sure everything runs well. What sets us apart from other gyms is our coaching. Our coaching not only programs you dynamic, constantly varied, high intensity, functional workouts, but also helps teach, and correct your form in order to prevent injury (including during your workout). Recently we have had a few members not wanting to be coached or not listening during workouts, and I take huge issue with this. Regardless of how “good” you think your form is, you cannot see all of your body mechanics when you are performing many of CrossFit’s exercises and that is why we have coaches. Correct form and keeping you from injuring yourself will always be more important to us then you getting a “good time”. For your safety if a coach tells you to do a lower weight…do the lower weight!! I will let you know that this has happened with more than one member and more than one coach. If you are someone that does not wish to be coached, then this is not the right place for you and that’s ok. We realize that we are not a fit for what everyone wants out of a fitness facility and that is the reason we offer month to month memberships. We know that many of you now feel like part of the “family” in our CrossFit community and often joke with our coaches which we love! Please don’t lose that….but understand that they are working when they are coaching here and we do expect respect.

We are now issuing a new burpee rule. Complaining about coaching or not listening to coaches during WOD or strength portion is 20 burpees to be done immediately. If it becomes a bigger issue you will be asked to leave for that day and come back when you are ready to be coached. We understand people have bad days, but take it out on the workout not the coach.


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