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Re: To scale or not to scale..that is the question

What most people fail to understand in the programming is that not all workouts are built for "strength" building, nor are should you be falling to the ground gasping for air, on the verge of puking day in and day out.

I can't speak for other affiliates programming, but if we put up a Rx weight for the WOD, we do not allow members to go heavier, in some WOD's you should be going FASTER; that's the way it was designed.

If you don't scale, and a WOD takes you 3-4x longer then you are not getting the same benefit it was designed to give you if you don't scale, and do it FAST.

That being said, not all are to be done as fast as possible, which is why we schedule strength days as well in our programming.
Brian Strump, D.C., FMS, NKT
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