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Re: To scale or not to scale..that is the question

Originally Posted by Ben Henson View Post
So I let myself go, been caught up in the world of food, adult beverages, late nights ect for far too long. In January of 09 I had 11.9% BF was tabbling in CF, running and training hard for rock climbing. Now my BF is around 22%.

I started crossfitting for real last Monday. I've followed the WOD everyday and have eaten Paleo (fell off a bit over the weekend but not bad).

My question obviously is whether or not I should scale down the workouts? I'm sure if I should try and complete each workout as RX'd it will take me 3 maybe 4 times longer, or scale down the workout and crush it within reasonable time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
If in doubt, scale. How much will depend on your individual fitness, but the main thing is to stay within the intention of the workout. You don't want to turn a 10 minute metcon into a 40 minute strength workout.
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