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Re: low back/pelvic pain

How much lower back work do you do?

Other things to do may be anything that decompresses the lumbar. Leglifts, slow or fast from a hang and they can also be done in support. Reverse Leglifts/Hypers. Back extensions, decline situps/GHDSitups/Inverted situps.

Sometimes when we had lower back pain, we would just hang from our knees off a low bar playing with a bit of extension and flexion upside down.

Snaking on the floor can also help loosen up tight lumbars besides stuff like Lying Wiper or Lying tuck/pike leg lifts. Also those twisty things sometimes called IronCrosses or Scorpions.

You could try some hot pepper rub but I would probably try literally anything before I use that stuff again. It hella burns.

Damn, forgot I was supposed to get some Tiger Balm yesterday. I find that works good and doesn't burn my skin for hours.
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